Need for Speed players are in for a treat on March 3 as Ghost Games is preparing an update which adds hot rods, manual transmission, drag racing, and so much more.

The update will bring two new hot rods to the game when it arrives next week, the first from 1932 which comes with a total of four body kits: soft top, coupe, sedan, and pickup. The second vehicle is the Aaron Beck “BeckKustons F132” which looks absolutely awesome.

In a blog post, Ghost Games revealed the two new vehicles saying that both vehicles can be fully customised just like current cars within the game. Players will be able to tweak everything from the hood to the exhaust and bumpers.

The PC version of Need for Speed already introduced manual transition to the game, but in the coming update Xbox One and PS4 players will too be able to make the most of this, though it may come a little later than planned, with Ghost Games saying it’ll arrive “as early as next week.”

New Drag Racing events are also on the way with a total of five events to take part in; Neck to Neck, The Perfect Shifts, Drag the Town, Pedal to the Metal and Speed Tunnel. Finally, for those who love to show off their collection, they’ll soon be able to add an additional five cars into their garage with the addition of the Warehouse.

There’s much more coming too, all of which you can read about over on the update notes on EA’s website.

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