Yes, that seems to be the word around the campfire, guys and dolls. Lionhead Studios may be no more.

After delaying the game’s release date, and then losing their creative director, the game has now been cancelled altogether and the studio is going to be closed. So says the Microsoft overlords.

“After much consideration we have decided to cease development on Fable Legends, and are in discussions with employees about the proposed closure of Lionhead Studios in the UK,” per Microsoft Studios Europe’s GM, Hanno Lemke.

Lemke went on to say, in short, that the decision was not made without a lot of consideration, and that the decision to close the studio was not a reflection on their quality of work. In other words, we’re not yanking the plug because they suck, get it?

Lionhead was founded in 1996 by Peter Molyneux, and acquire by Microsoft in 2002. Molyneux then left both companies in 2012 to work on a new independent dev venture called 22 Cans.

Fable is a pretty popular series, and I do wonder what’s going to happen to it now. Will someone else take over? Or is that simply the end of it? I guess only time will tell.

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Being honest, I have zero interest in the Fable series and/or games that are solely built around multiplayer, so losing that game doesn't sadden me for a second. But closing an entire studio? That's big… Hopefully the devs can be repurposed in-house to other assignments. They do have quite a bit of DX12 coding knowledge at this point I'd imagine…