phoenix point

XCOM creator Julian Gollop and his studio Snapshot Games, have their next game entitled Phoenix Point. The announcement came via Twitter, and is set to be a turn-based tactical combat with an overall “world-based” strategy element.

In Gollop’s Tweet, he also pointed fans to a brand new website for the game which reveals little information but the above image.

Snapshot Games was founded in 2013 by Gallop and David Kaye, the studio announced their first game, Chaos Reborn, in April 2014 when it launched a Kickstarter campaign. Chaos Reborn was a successor to Gallop’s old-school turn-based tactics game Chaos.

We’re unsure right now whether Snapshot will launch a crowdfunding campaign for Phoenix Point as it did with Chaos Reborn, however those interested can register for more information via the game’s website.



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