While we’re yet to know more about the upcoming Pokémon mobile title, Pokémon GO, The Pokémon Company and Game Freak have announced another new title for mobile, Pokémon Comaster.

Other than the brief 20 second trailer, we know very little about Pokémon Comaster other than that it’ll be coming to mobile in Japan this Spring. It’s apparently set to be a free-to-play strategy board game, which will offer both online and solo play.

It looks a little like a Pokémon infused version of checkers and chess, which makes sense considering HEROZ, the developers of the app, have a track record of backgammon and chess apps on mobile. Chances are you’ll be able to unlock new Pokémon each with their own unique abilities, and with in app purchases being supported, some of those may only become available if you pay for them.

Check out the trailer above for a brief glimpse at the game. There’s currently no word on a western release.

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