Sony has announced that they’ll be once again attempting to bring PlayStation IP to mobile with a brand new business, Forward Works.

This new mobile gaming arm will, at least for now, focus on users in Japan and Asia, according to the announcement, so don’t be too excited about an Uncharted mobile game any time soon. That being said, there’s always a possibility that games could come to western markets.

The division is set to be fully created on April 1, the same time Sony becomes Sony Interactive Entertainment. Leading Forward Works will be Atushi Morita, SCE’s head in Japan and Asia. Other directors of the organisation include Group CEO of SCE, Andrew House.

Details on the type of games coming out of Forward Works are yet to be revealed as we only have an announcement at the moment, though come April 1 we’ll likely hear more about Sony’s mobile efforts. Sony did however hint that their games will be “fully fledged”, which leads us to believe that they’ll be offering some pretty solid titles on mobile.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t go the same way as Sony Mobile.

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