According to MCV’s latest report, UK studio Sumo Digital, who you’ll know best from Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing Transformed, will be handling the task of developing Deep Silver’s upcoming zombie survival game Dead Island 2.

The title was first revealed at E3 2014 during PlayStation’s press conference and was in development by the now insolvent studio Yager, but Deep Silver terminated the partnership in July last year. Since then, little has been said about the game other than that it’s still in development.

Today however, we learn that Deep Silver has handed the game over to Sumo Digital.

“Sumo showed so much understanding of the brand, had creative ideas and an excellent, vision that was aligned with our own,” Koch Media CEO Dr Klemens Kundratitz told MCV. “It just made perfect sense for us to move the project to them. We will reveal more details at a later stage, but for now I’d like to say that we are obviously super excited about the progress that we are making with them.”

Along with Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing Transformed, Sumo Digital has also worked on Disney Infinity, LittleBigPlanet, and Forza, they’re also working on the upcoming Crackdown game from Microsoft.

Hopefully this new partnership will have us see some more of the game later this year at E3. Though that could be unlikely.


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