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Why am I thinking about Luchadors? well, I think we can safely say that right now, nostalgia is a safe and usually quite profitable bet in the entertainment industry, with more sequels, reboots and adaptations reigning supreme on the blockbuster scene, and even DC comics is using Rebirth to return to the nostalgia well.

When it comes to pro-wrestling though, I was never really a fan, mostly because I didn’t watch it as a child since we didn’t have any of the TV channels it was broadcast on, that and I wasn’t really interested in anything other Power Rangers.

One thing about wrestling did captivate my imagination however… Mexican Wrestling and its Luchadors. Wrestlers who wore masks with their own whacky stories that felt like they were related to something like Power Rangers or my secondary fascination of superheroes.

Only a couple of weeks ago I looked into the ways of the Luchadors and discovered a lost genre of film, Luchador films, and no I’m not counting Nacho Libre because I think most people will have forgotten about that not long after watching it, or at least would like to forget about it. These cheaply made B-movies which were full of potential, at least that’s what I read from it. Even Dark Horse’s Comics’ Lobster Johnson’s fictional back story includes a short stint of Lucha movies.

I mean surely with directors like Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, whose films are mostly love letters to forgotten genres of film, should have had a go at the Luchador film, or some other up and coming director at least.

Thinking about it, aren’t WWE making films now? I know some haven’t done well critically, like The Marine, but apparently Oculus was quite good. Wouldn’t a Lucha film be right up their alley? Based on how little I know about WWE?

Look at the video game Guacamelee, that’s based around Luchador and Mexican folklore and it’s done pretty well for itself!

One example of why a Lucha movie could succeed is with the success of comic book movies and Pacific Rim. Comic book movies back in the day we’re cheap and seen to be garish, for examples look at the live-action Spider-man TV show and the early Captain America movies, and now look at them.

Pacific Rim was based on a genre which held to traditional practical effects and a dated aesthetic, until Pacific Rim came along at least.

If Lucha films are still being made, let me know and I’ll check them out?

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