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Microsoft has revealed that it’s planning to allow developers to bring Windows 10 apps to the Xbox One this Summer, further information is expected to arrive during their annual Build conference later this month.

Ahead of Build, Microsoft’s Jason Ronald revealed at GDC that Windows 10 apps will be able to run on Xbox One this summer, the first time Microsoft has revealed any form of date for the feature, though we’re still unsure how this store will work and whether Microsoft will have overall control over its content.

According to Business Insider, Microsoft is planning to gradually open up these apps for the Xbox One over the course of the year.

Microsoft has aimed to unify its Windows 10 platform between Xbox, mobile and desktop ever since it announced the new OS, so it’s nice to finally see some progress being made on that front. However, making sure an app suits both mobile and Xbox is likely going to be a tricky task.

Right now we’re not sure exactly which apps will be making their way to Xbox One, currently the Windows 10 app store is littered with apps which wouldn’t make too much sense on Xbox One, such as Word Mobile, Photoshop Express, and other desktop and mobile-based productivity apps.

Microsoft’s Build conference is set to take place on March 30.

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