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Today Microsoft unveiled a ton of new information about the future of gaming on PC and Xbox and how they’re further striving to push the two closer together. According to The Guardian, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer also touched on why Microsoft decided to no longer announce sales figures adding that “we didn’t choose this metric to hide something.”

According to Spencer, monthly active users are a much more telling metric than revealing how many consoles have been sold and that this is the number partners want to know the most.

“This is the critical factor for our teams to gauge our success, because that’s what our partners want to know,” he explained. “They want the largest collection of active gamers who are buying and playing games – that is the health metric of any service you talk about – what’s your MAU? It’s not how many consoles you sell. If I sold a console two years ago and now it’s in a closet gathering dust, that’s not good for the gamer, it’s not for the developer and it’s not good for Microsoft.

“We didn’t choose this metric to hide something. In fact, we’re more exposed because it shows how many people are actually using our platform and service every month and reporting that publicly. We’ve done it for the development community who want to know how many people they can get to by building these games.

“This is the success metric that all of you should be looking at.”

Microsoft revealed that they’ll no longer be announcing sales numbers in October last year adding that they’ll instead focus on its users and how many are using the console regularly.

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Because the Xbone is a massive flop and the occasional free Silver account that gets logged into once a month is massively important. LOL!