At this point in time the rumour of a Bioshock Collection have gotten to the point where everyone and their cat has heard of it. Now however 2K Games have posted on Twitter hinting to an announcement very soon.

The Bioshock Collection has surfaced from a number of retailers and rating leaks and points towards a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release of all three Bioshock games in one sweet package. The Twitter post from 2K Games hints that something ‘exciting’ is coming today. There is no way to know for sure if this is a direct link to the rumours flying around but when the attached image is of Booker and Elizabeth, it’s fair to guess.

The other thing to bare in mind with the Bioshock Collection is that it could mean improvements across all three games from graphics to gameplay. The wait might almost be over for us to be able to journey through all three Bioshock games in one epic adventure. Here’s hoping for an announcement very soon.

Of course, this tweet was posted yesterday and 2K games could just be pulling our leg, as yesterday saw the launch of the open beta for Battleborn.

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