As I sit here on a nice sunny day with a slight hangover, I’m trying to catch up on some of the TV I have missed this week. One show is The Aliens, but honestly, I don’t know if I want to watch the last episode.

Of course, with a generic title like “The Aliens”, many people may be confused to what I’m actually referring to. So to sum up, The Aliens is a TV show on British digital channel, E4.

Imagine District 9 done in Britain and all the cool science fiction stuff watered down to a minimum and that Frankie Boyle joke where rifts on how a lot of E4 shows feel like a hybrid with the popular teen drama, Skins. So Misfits, is a comic book movie, crossed with Skins for example.

The story for The Aliens is as a follows: back in the 90s an alien spaceship crash landed in the English channel, 20-odd years later these aliens have been sealed off in a slum district with limited privileges. Border Guard, Lewis, finds out he’s half alien and finds himself in a new tricky situation each week.

So, it sounds like a sci-fi thing, but with no actual sci-fi. All the ray guns and lasers blasts washed away for the general masses. It almost gets away with it since this all a metaphor for the rough treatment some people get when they come to the UK and with the refugee crisis in Europe, it’s all topical.

But ultimately like most of Channel 4’s attempts at science fiction, it just falls short. It’s like the pitch for a feature film that got turned into a six-part miniseries in a hurry. Just like Humans which creepily wandered through the standard robots ethical debate checklist.

Or like Tripped, a Bill and Ted style comedy about two dudes wandering around different parallel universes, good ideas, just rushed and not properly done.

Will I get around to finishing off The Aliens? Probaby not today, since I can just go and watch Black Mirror instead thanks to good old All 4, another Sunday will be lost.

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