ARK Survival Evolved Modding Contest

Prepare your bandwidth for downloads because Studio Wildcard have unveiled the finalists for their first ever ARK: Survival Evolved modding contest, leaving it up to the community to vote on which creations from the three categories of Total Conversions, Maps and Mods are the best. The authors of the top five modifications in each category will receive part of a $60,000 prize fund.

Studio Wildcard received over 100 mod entries over the three categories, then individually rated them on their originality, creativity, graphical quality, and overall entertainment value to determine the finalists.

So without further ado, here we go – if you’re looking for something to further spice up your time on the ARK, here’s the finalists, separated by category:

Total Conversion

DavidBC & Matteoni’s space-based ARK Moon Survival

Kenturrac’s PvP focused TribeWars

Skellig & Yankee XL’s wave-based horde mode Otherworld

Milokamilo’s expansive Cool 15 New Creatures


Evilmrfrank’s The Center

Excited Kangaroo, Gkainu, Anthonyolson500 & Enduran’s Valhalla

Exilog’s ShigoIslands

Killerzwerg’s Epic Islands

vwcamper’s MorTem Tupiu

Jeff’s Roraima

TheOriginalDad’s WickWillow

JacksonL’s Umassoura

Hey My Team Rules! & itsr2ghgaming’s Madagascar Evolved

Eldaas’ Terrus Aren


Mezzo’s Dino Racing: Evolved

Woeful Macabre’s Admin Command Menu (ACM)

Jslay’s PvP Safe Zones

Toranga, Psycho & Alice’s Annunaki Genesis

-(OzSF)-B.Cheers’ Ark Futurism

Papukaijah, Gawelle, Munch, The Mod Cookers, Amitiel & Dance’s Pimp My Dino

Swords’ NPC Bush Peoples

Kilrath81’s Super Epic Boat Mod

MRRadioactiv’s Tools and Content Pack

Hogs’ Advanced Architecture Mod

Phew! This is sure to be a tough fight for victory, with Total Conversions with completely different if equally awesome focuses, maps each with their own unique spin on the lush landscapes ARK is known for and mods that do everything from add other humans to adding superb quality-of-life features all competing.

Good luck to all the contestants, we’ll see who comes out on top once the winners are revealed on May 15th.

If you fancy voting yourself, you can do so from this page on the official ARK forums. Please bear in mind that you must have made at least 30 posts on the forum to vote.

ARK: Survival Evolved can be purchased from Steam.

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