Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak in Arrow “Beacon of Hope”

Even cyber criminals who aren’t sent to jail are put under internet probation where they literally are not allowed to access anything online, so the concept that Brie Larven is able to hack her prison files to expedite her release is laughable in so many ways. But so is this entire villain. And this entire show episode.

While moving on after dumping her world-saving hero and playboy fiancee to run her multi-billion dollar company, tech goddess Felicity Smoak finds herself in a tough spot. The magical on-of-a-kind piece of metal jabbed into her spine, which rescued her from the whole terrible month she spent in a wheelchair, is being sought after by her arch-nemesis: another blonde meme-spouting hacker lady. This time she has the excellent ability to make her impossible to avoid, all coalesce to form a single tangible target with fighting moves just like every other goon the Green Arrow’s ever fought. But while the Green Arrow slouched around like a loser after being beaten up by this mechanized stunt double, Felicity bravely stood up and finished the fight once and for all! God bless. What would we have done without her.

Echo Kellum, Paul Blackthorne, David Ramsey, Stephen Amell, and Katie Cassidy as Curtis Holt, Quentin Lance, John Diggle "Spartan," Oliver Queen "Green Arrow," and Dinah Laurel Lance "Black Canary."
Curtis’ excitement is a welcome change of pace from the gloom in the Quiver Arrowcave.

So what actually was good? It was great to see Curtis, who has pretty much just been Felicity’s assistant for the better part of this entire season, actually grow up and do something cool. Stumbling upon Team Arrow’s secret base, and his subsequent amusement, was absolutely delightful. Curtis’ excitement is infectious, and while Oliver’s moody storm made sense it was such a damn bummer. If Curtis is going to end up being the Felicity replacement for this team (because if she doesn’t work with the Green Arrow then she’s off the show… right?) then it would do for him to use that extra screentime to build up a personality more of his own, rather than just being Discount Cisco.

That’s about it. Damien Darkh about to be stabbed in prison was clearly just filler and didn’t serve any purpose, the fighting with Baron Reiter in the flashback was eventful but completely lacked tension, Curtis’ boyfriend making him promise “no more running away” when this was literally the first time it ever happened was dumb, and Felicity’s mom was there. All of these were bad things. The only other possibly interesting nugget is Malcolm meeting up with Andrew Diggle, who most likely isn’t ACTUALLY turning against his family again. Likely has something held against him and is being forced into it, based on the sneer on his face. Either way this spells bad news bears that we will just have to see by tuning in to next week’s episode of “Felicity and friends!”

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