Arrow “Eleven-Fifty-Nine”

From the instant Laurel said “One last time” before suiting up as the Black Canary it was all but confirmed that she was toast. Especially after the opportunity for her to finally become the DA, something she was striving for ever since the first season of the show. Having this grand emotional dilemma between choosing to pursue her career as Laurel Lance or her career as the Black Canary appear completely out of the blue didn’t help her chances either. With the flashback involving Ollie missing her as his “home” on Earth, this was truly the end of her tale. And so she was buried, as were the dreams of any comic fan hoping to actually see the Green Arrow and Black Canary as the ultimate superhero couple. Goddamnit.

While this was an exceptional moment of emotional catharsis with years of build up to it, I think we can agree that the events leading up to it were dumb as all hell. Andy distracting the majority of the team so Merlyn could steal the Magicky MacGuffin was not only predictable and lame, but it severely undermined his entire redemption arc, which was perhaps the best part of this season so far. And just like that boom, that’s gone.

David Ramsey and Eugene Byrd as John and Andy Diggle in Arrow "Eleven-Fifty-Nine"
I don’t think there has ever been a more obvious betrayal.

The conflict between Diggle and Ollie disagreeing of Andy’s loyalty had an especially weird moment where Ollie reminded him that “You told me not to have a blind spot when it comes to family” yet Diggle seems to have set a precedent on trusting the wrong people in the past. He trusted the Blackhawk group as former military buddies, and they ended up being baddies, whereas Ollie was quick to doubt his own mother. And in both situations it was the right choice to doubt them. It’s impossible to justify Diggle’s loyalty to his brother when it comes across as idiotic especially when they all knew that HIVE literally brainwashes people. Even if Andy had been on their side before, did it not occur to him that perhaps he’d been put back under the hypnosis or whatnot?

The only other conflicts of note were Thea attempting to prove to herself that she is truly above Malcolm, and yet she hesitated in every circumstance when it came time to finish the job against him. Yeah, she shouldn’t kill him, it’s been firmly established that is a no-no (so why does she carry around a sword?) but why not incapacitate him in some way? Maybe cut off his hand that seems to have magically regrown? Because that happened. They even referred to him as being “one-armed” in THIS EPISODE. And yet he was fighting with two hands. Maybe it was some small amount of Lazarus water left over that made it regrow, or maybe it was a prosthetic, but shouldn’t that be the kind of thing we get some sort of explanation of? Instead it just seems like everyone making the show up and forgot about, which doesn’t seem to be that unlikely.

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