the black death

Medieval sandbox survival game, The Black Death, is set to launch into Early Access on April 19, publisher Green Man Loaded has announced.

As you may have gathered from the title, The Black Death has you trying to survive in a period where around a quarter of the world was wiped out by the plague, or the Black Death as it was known. You assume the role of a blacksmith, or a merchant, or one of a few other trades available, and try and survive.

Originally the game was set to release in early March, but has since been pegged for an April 18 release and will come with three classes, a number of improvements, and a city arena where you can fight to the death, if that tickles your fancy.

Developer Syrin Studios is hoping that when The Black Death is complete, it’ll offer an eight-square-kilometer open world for players to explore.

You can pre-purchase the game right now over at Green Man Gaming or the Humble Store for £14.99.

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