The Creative Assembly has announced this week that in their upcoming strategic RTS, Total War: Warhammer, the human kingdom of Bretonnia will be playable in custom and multiplayer battles at launch.

Although the race won’t be playable in the game’s Grand Campaign, players will be able to take part in one-off battles using the feudal realm of Bretonnia with its hard-hitting armour-clad knights, heavy trebuchet artillery, and masses of archers.

According to The Creative Assembly, Bretonnian battle tactics often revolve around “shattering and unstoppable” charges, a perfect race for those who’d rather go in all-guns blazing than sit and wait around for the perfect opportunity.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any epic monsters in this faction, but there are Pegasus Knights! Oh, and there’s the Enchantresses, powerful magic-wielding units which not only bring the offensive, but can also buff players’ knights to superhuman levels.

A brand new Rally Point video has also been released showing off these new troops in action.

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Total War: Warhammer is set to launch on PC this May 24.

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