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Yesterday saw the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for Dark Souls – The Board Game, and within just three minutes, the campaign had reached the £50,000 target it was hoping for, and less then 24 hours later, has quadrupled that target.

With 26 days left on the campaign, we can be sure that the game will be coming to backers, as it’s currently sitting sweet at £486,331 at time of writing, that’s almost ten times the original goal.

For those unfamiliar with Dark Souls – The Boardgame, it’s being created by Steam Forge in partnership with Bandai Namco. It’s a “strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players set in the Dark Souls universe,” according to the Kickstarter description. It’s apparently going to be the hardest board game you’ve ever played.

Players can choose from a number of core classes and explore various locations full of monsters and other enemies, as well as those deadly boss fights we’re all used to. It’s also set to include a number of innovative gameplay mechanics as well as miniatures faithful to the rich universe found in the game.

The board game will set you back £80 now all of the early bird pledges have gone, but what comes in the box is totally worth it.

The campaign itself has been made pretty damn simple too. There’s currently just a single pledge to choose from, either the Souls Pledge, one tailored specifically to gamers, and a retailer pledge, one which is just for retailers.

As the money raises, add-ons will be revealed as stretch goals, and in order to unlock these, all players and stores need to do is increase their pledge amounts, that way not only will the overall fund raise, but it’ll also unlock more stretch goals.

So, here’s what you’ll get with the core set:


Seeing as the Kickstarter has only been live for around 24 hours, the stretch goals needed some working out, but now Steam Forge has revealed exactly what players can get if they keep on spending:

  • £60,000 UNLOCKED! Pyromancer Player Character
  • £70,000 UNLOCKED! 5 Dancer Behaviour Cards
  • £80,000 UNLOCKED! Cleric Player Character
  • £90,000 UNLOCKED! 5 Executioner Behaviour Cards
  • £100,000 UNLOCKED! Sorcerer Player Character
  • £140,000 UNLOCKED! Thief Player Character
  • £160,000 UNLOCKED! 5 Legendary Weapon Treasure Cards
  • £180,000 UNLOCKED! Mercenary Player Character
  • £200,000 UNLOCKED! 5 Lothric Encounter Cards
  • £220,000 UNLOCKED! The Pursuer Boss
  • £240,000 UNLOCKED! 5 Anor Londo Encounter Cards
  • £260,000 UNLOCKED! Deprived Player Character
  • £280,000 UNLOCKED! 5 Item Treasure Cards
  • £300,000 UNLOCKED! 3 Firebomb Hollows
  • £340,000 UNLOCKED! 3 Dancer Heat Up Cards
  • £360,000 UNLOCKED! 5 Gravestone Models
  • £380,000 UNLOCKED! 3 Executioner Damaged Cards
  • £400,000 UNLOCKED! 3 Silver Knight Lancers
  • £420,000 UNLOCKED! Sir Alonne Boss
  • £440,000 UNLOCKED! 4 Barrel Models
  • £460,000 UNLOCKED! Bonfire Model
  • £480,000 LOCKED! 4 Treasure Chest Models
  • £500,000 LOCKED! ???

Speaking of add-ons, the developers did say that some add-ons will be coming, and now they’ve worked out two of those, which you can find below and add onto your pledge if you so wish:

  • £120,000 UNLOCKED! Gaping Dragon +£28
  • £320,000 UNLOCKED! Black Dragon Kalameet +£28

These, and all future Kickstarter Core add-ons will be available only to Kickstarter backers, the final retail box may not come with these items. So if you’re interested in not only getting the core game, but a bunch of exclusive add-ons, I’d throw your money at the Kickstarter, right now.

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