DJI Phantom 3

DJI is hoping to make it easier to discover fellow drone enthusiasts with a brand new social network which hopes to connect pilots as well as share interesting places for pilots to fly.

“DJI+Discover” as it’s called, is an app for both iOS and Android that’ll connect pilots “socially and professionally” allowing them to start conversations and meet-ups, as well as offering a professional marketplace for aerial service providers and clients.

The app offers four different sections, a Nearby Search option to see who’s close to you; an Experience tab which helps users fine nearby stores or official events; a Store, which is pretty straight forward; and finally Forum, a link directly to DJI’s forum offering a native experience within the app.

This app cuts out a lot of work finding drone enthusiasts, pilots, and professionals nearby and will likely make it incredibly easy to find other people who share the same drone interests. It’s also a great directory for service providers, stores, and other drone-specific locations.

The DJI+Discover app is available for both iOS and Android now.

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