While DJI have been working on making drone photography more accessible to newcomers, the Chinese company have today unveiled a new drone with sets its sights firmly on professional video makers.

Last week the film and TV industry gathered together in Las Vagas for the National Association of Broadcasters’ annual summit, and at the event DJI unveiled two new products aimed at big-budget production studios, the first of which is the Matrice 600, a $4,599 drone designed to carry heavy cinema cameras in the air.

The M600 comes with an array of features including a new video downlink, Lightbridge 2, which streams 1080p at 60 frames per second from a distance of up to three miles. In addition it has a new flight controller too called the A3 and is available with three GPS units and three IMUs. These allow the drone to precisely determine its position and repeat a flight path to the centimetre.

The M600 also works with DJI’s own Zenmuse camera line, which, due to its lightweight, allow the drone to stay in the air for 35 minutes.

DJI’s Ronin series is also getting a newcomer with the $1,599 Ronin-MX, the first unversal aerial gimbal the company has released. It allows users to attach a wide range of cameras to their drones such as Black Magic, Canon, Panisonic, RED, Sony, and Nikon. It’ll be able to fly for 15 minutes with an almost 6kg payload. The MX allows the camera to rotate to 360 degrees, though unlike a similar feature on the Inspire 1, the MX doesn’t lock in place.


So if you’re a professional videographer, or even a big-budget studio looking for the next best drone, then look no further.

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