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According to a recent ESRB listing, Sony’s failed social racer, DriveClub may be getting its own virtual reality edition, which is odd, considering Sony closed down Evolution Studios a few weeks back.

Evolution Studios may no longer exist any more, but that hasn’t stopped Sony from using the IP to cash-in on VR. This is hardly surprising as DriveClub has been used before to showcase virtual reality, though a consumer version of the game has never been revealed.

Now an ESRB rating may have let the cat out of the bag as it seems Sony is gearing up to release DriveClub as a VR game too.

The game has been given an E rating with the board describing the game as a “racing simulation game in which players drive a variety of cars around real world locations. Players can engage in traditional races, time trials, and drifting challenges.”

We’re unsure whether this will be a standalone VR release, or whether it’ll come as an expansion for the current DriveClub game. DriveClub Bikes was rated ahead of the announcement and that came as an expansion, so maybe the VR mode will launch in a similar way.

We’ll likely know for sure at E3 2016.

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