Last month BlackBerry revealed that Facebook had jumped ship and would end support for their apps later this year. In response, BlackBerry said that they were shocked and disappointed in Facebook’s decision. So Facebook threw them a bone in the form of a barebones web app.

The good news for Facebook users on BlackBerry, the web app actually offers a little more functionality than the native app, but it’s not really a like-for-like swap. As for the native app, that’s now completely useless so switching to the web app is mandatory right now if you want to use the service.

It’s a case of something being better than nothing, and while it doesn’t quite offer the same functionality, it’s well known that the web app is much more battery friendly than the native apps, so maybe this is a benefit?

All in all though, BlackBerry is really clutching at straws here, the reason Facebook jumped ship was due to the little users it had using the native app, plus with BlackBerry themselves moving over to Android, it’s safe to say, the BlackBerry 10 OS is pretty much dead.

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