April 1 is here and that means every man and their dog are planning some sophisticated prank to both fool people and of course make people smile. It’s also the day where I have no idea what to believe, especially when companies send me incredibly convincing press releases. Seriously, stop.

Last year was full of ’em, but this year there’s even more, so we’ve been scouring the Internet for some interesting April Fool charades to collectively name our favourite ones for this year.

Google Cardboard Plastic

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This one has to be my favourite this year. Google always manage to create some pretty cracking April Fool pranks, and this year is no different, whether it’s Disco Pegman or sending an email with a mic drop, Google has all bases covered, but this one is my favourite.

Y-Fi Underpants

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It’s the wearable of the future. Underpants that, with the flick of your hips, allow you to control your smart home with movement rather than your voice. Because talking is so 2015. The Y-Fi Underpants are of course the creation LiveSmart in collaboration with

Though I think they missed a trick not calling them Wi-Front underpants.

GAME Announces Thumb Insurance for Competitive Gamers


Speaking of press releases which seem incredibly genuine, GAME have this morning sent out an email announcing Thumb Insurance. “To gamers, their thumbs are their most prized possessions. Injuring a thumb can leave them missing out on valuable gaming time,” reads the press release.

You can insure your thumbs for just £3 a month, which covers accidental damage, malicious damage, and travel cover.


DuoLingo’s Pillow

DuoLingo Pillow

Remember that episode of Dexter’s Lab where he attempted to learn French overnight by strapping a gramophone to his head while he slept, only for the record to skip and have him only know the worlds “omelet du fromage” for the rest of the day? Well this is the 21st century version of that, except it’s a pillow which hopes to teach you more than French, while you sleep.

I’m saddened that this isn’t a real thing.

Timehop Sending us to the Future


Everyone’s favourite look-back-into-the-past-and-remember-what-an-ass-you-used-to-be app, Timehop, decided to send everyone into the future today with a series of future tweets and uploads.

It’s safe to say, I was very confused this morning.

Dark Souls III is Coming to VHS

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Yep, Bandai Namco has thrown even more marketing into Dark Souls III, this time with a an April Fool fuelled trailer announcing that Dark Souls III is coming to VHS. Man, it makes me miss having to rewind tapes.

Samsung’s Old-school is Cool Again


Samsung has once again thrown their April Fool offering into the mix, this time by kicking it old school. Though it’s not the most original prank, I mean the Galaxy Edge Blade from last year was pretty fantastic, but it’s still pretty clever, right?

M&S Bank Launching a Current Account for Pets

Although it’s not a tech-y prank, this one certainly made me laugh when it popped up on my feed. Well done M&S Bank.

Rocket League Rage Quit Bot

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You’re 1-0 down and you’re lining up for a great shot, that’s when some bugger comes along and achieve’s an epic save which causes the ball to rocket into your own goal, and where’s the rest of your team? Upside down in the opponents goal. Time to rage quit.

Fortunately Rocket League Central and Rocket League Cinema’s April Fool prank takes the effort out of rage quitting and does it automatically.

Pornhub becoming… Cornhub


I saw this particular prank via Twitter, I promise.

You can always ensure Pornhub are up for a laugh, the NSFW website is always in good spirits when it comes to creating pranks, this year it’s no different but instead of showing the most popular videos of today, the entire website is dedicated to videos of corn…

Check it out for yourself.

Keep an eye on this post throughout the day as we’ll be adding more as they come.

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