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For the past year or so, Android developers have been able to run Android apps on Chrome OS thanks to the App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) feature added to the OS, however it’s looking like Google Play may be coming to Chrome OS according to come code found in the Developer Channel of the operating system.

Spotted on reddit this weekend, Chromebooks running version 51 of Chrome OS offer a little check box in their settings which reads “Enable Android apps to run on your Chromebook”. The check box quickly disappears, but in the source code for the latest OS, code indicates that users will soon be able to access Google Play on their Chromebooks in the near future.

This particular version of Chrome OS is currently only available in the Developer Channel, a channel reserved for those who want to test out early features as well as help the development of the open source OS, it’s a very experimental channel where things do often go pear shaped, so tread lightly if you want to see what the deal is.

Chances are, this feature will be fully announced at Google I/O later this year.

Interestingly, Google recently protested that Chrome OS and the Android Operating system would remain two separate entities, but with the launch of Google Play on Chrome OS, this brings the two operating systems closer than ever.


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