The second episode to Square Enix and Io Interactive’s Hitman launches today, whisking players off to the sun-drenched town of Sapienza with a brand new series of hits to take down and challenges to take on.

To celebrate the launch of the second episode, Square Enix has released a fully interactive 360-degree video allowing you to explore the stunning location. Check it out below.

Although this is the second episode of the game, it’s actually the first episode to launch independently of the Intro Pack. Those who purchased the Full Experience will be able to download the new episode today, but those with the Intro Pack can either purchase the Upgrade Pack for £36.99, which will then include all of this year’s content as it’s released, and guarantees not to miss any live or bonus content or they can choose to purchase the location individually for £7.99.

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In this particular episode is a brand new mission called World of Tomorrow and enlists players, as Agent 47, to target Silvio Caruso, a bioengineer employed by the Ether Biotech Corporation who is reportedly working on a DNA-Specific virus which could take down the world.

With full access to the town of Sapenza, players can explore the coastal town through its maze of alleys filled with shops and appartments, or head to the dungeon-like tunnels connecting various parts of the town.

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