The second location for Io Interactive’s Hitman reboot is set to launch on April 26 and will whisk players off to the Italian location of Sapienza. A new trailer has also been released showing off some of the location and this episode’s mark.

With many players still waiting for some features to be added to Hitman, Io Interactive and Square Enix are all ready to release the second location for the game which will become available on April 26 to owners of the “Full Experience”.

As for the owners of the Intro Pack, you’ll be required to pay an additional £7.99 to unlock the Sapienza location, which is set to be full of new challenges as well as creative opportunities.

In this particular episode, players are tasked with taking down Silvo Caruso, a bioengineer apparently working on a DNA-Specific virus which could become deadly if unleashed into the world.

While we wait on the Elusive Targets to finally arrive in the game, this should likely keep players occupied for a little longer, that is until they’ve managed to take down the target as many ways as possible, which if the last mission is anything to go by, there’ll be plenty to do.

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