So, I’ve just gotten in from watching Batman vs. Superman. I’ve been trying very hard to avoid reviews and spoilers. I’ve seen the rating it has on Rotten Tomatoes, but that’s about it.

One thing about this movie has me interested. What led to the construction of this script? Below is a hypothetical theory of what I think happened.

Warner Bros wanted to make another Superman movie, I mean it did make loads of money in the past. Someone spends some time on the internet looking at a few forums and websites. People love Batman, how about a Superman movie done like a Batman movie? Dark gritty and angst-filed. Sorted.

Production on Man of Steel has just wrapped up and Warner Bros and DC Comics thinks that its onto a hit. It knows it has to strike the iron while it’s hot. Someone suggests a sequel to Man of Steel. Everyone nods along, ideas are bandied around like Lex Luthor and dealing with the consequences of the deliberately destructive outcome of the first movie.

Then the box office receipts come around. The reviews didn’t really phase anyone, as long as it made heaps of cash like Twilight and Transformers, everyone was cool with it. The receipts weren’t great. A new idea was needed fast.

Someone then realised, they needed a new Batman movie if they wanted to keep making toys and other tie-in material. How about a Superman and Batman movie? Great go and announce it at a convention.

What’s the story? The creative team thought, well people seem to be fond of Frank Miller, Dark Knight Returns is in most book stores and it did help to inspire the Nolan Batman. OK let’s use Frank Millerisms and work in some of the criticisms of Man of Steel into the film. Great, we’ve got ourselves a movie.

Oh wait, someone higher up says, we need to be a cinematic universe, add in as much Justice League references as you can and leave this film as open-ended as possible for more movies.

OK, the creative team thought as they looked at a rough draft for Man of Steel 2, a rough idea for a Batman movie based heavily on Frank Miller and a ton of required cameos and references to set up this universe. Then, they mashed it in a blender and there you have it, Batman vs. Superman.

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