Ciara Renée, Arthur Darvill, Matt Nable and Caity Lotz as Kendra Saunders “Hawkgirl,” Rip Hunter, Ra’s al Ghul and Sara Lance “White Canary” in Legends of Tomorrow “Left Behind”

With the Time Master’s bounty hunter Chronos boarding the Waverider and forcing Rip to leave Kendra, Ray, and Sara behind in 1958, enough setup was laid for en effective second part installment. In turn we got more than that, and perhaps the most well-rounded installment of Legends of Tomorrow yet, as the creators dove deep into the concepts of characters having their own personal timelines, and what happens when these get displaced from their allies.

One of my greater concerns with Ray and Kendra having some form of tryst or romance aboard the Waverider was how they would do it justice and afford the proper time for it to develop. This was easily remedied here, as the two lovebirds found themselves living together in the late 50’s for two years. This, and the slight falling out between them in debating which future to choose and pursue was an excellent use of the characters and storytelling devices that this show allows. Seeing Ray, the scientist, be the one less inclined to go back to the future was an interesting touch as well.

Ciara Renée and Brandon Routh as Kendra Saunders "Hawkgirl" and Ray Palmer "Atom" in Legends of Tomorrow "Left Behind"
You wonder how much the two had changed after two years in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

The other, simultaneously surprisingly but equally predictable aspect was that yes; Chronos was Mick Rory all along. This twist was easy to see coming after his off-screen demise, and it’s a good thing Chronos never used any means of fire as a weapon or it would have been too obvious. Up until this point Chronos was just a walking (I would say talking, but yknow) plot device, and here we get an explanation as to why. I must say though, the Time Masters plan here was pretty bogus. If they set Rory after the Legends because of his prior experience with them then cool, but they should have known that he was a deranged psychopath who truly doesn’t care about their mission and just wants vengeance. He straight up ignored Rip and just kidnapped Snart to prove a point. Not the wisest choice for a time traveling bounty hunter.

Then there was the more central conflict: Sara regressing back to join the League of Assassins. Bringing back Matt Nable as Ra’s al Ghul after his unfortunate demise in Arrow was a nice touch, although he didn’t get to make a particularly strong impression here. He just kind of stood around and told people what to do. What WAS cool as far as world-building goes, was that his daughter Talia was seen here growing up in the 60’s. This could be the Arrowverse’s way of saying “Yeah, Batman stuff happened, but it happened a long time ago, he was likely active in t he 80’s or so.” This is a neat way of acknowledging these areas of their world that they can’t directly portray. Also, is it truly that easy to sneak into the base of the League of Assassins? They just kind of walked in through a door in the back. Didn’t seem very hard at all.

Having Snart shatter his own hand (which didn’t mean anything because of that regeneration machine) was metal as all hell, and seeing nearly all of the Legends suited up and fighting Chronos together in the League’s base was an excellent setpiece that likely used the remainder of the show’s budget. The team decided to “restore” Mick somehow seems like an iffy decision. Even before he was picked up by the Time Masters, he was still already a vengeful, murdering psychopath. Unless they have some magical science conversion therapy to work on him with, I don’t see that decision working out too well for the rest of the team.

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