The ruined landscape of New York is about to get that little bit more populated, as Ubisoft have announced that open-world third person shooter/RPG The Division’s first content update titled “Incursions” has been released on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, the first of two free updates intending to expand the game’s content after the main story has been completed.

The Incursions update brings a bunch of new features, items, gear sets and activities to the game. Among the new features is the much-requested ability to trade loot with other players and “gear scores” that will give you a quick way to “size up” other players and gauge how much more (or less) powerful they are than you.

There’s also the new activities, which include a new Incursion that sees squads of players take on the Last Man Battalion and their new deadly weapon, Dark Zone supply drops and new timed “Assignments” that will offer both solo and group players additional rewards.

Great to see The Division getting both some new content and some quality-of-life improvements. Take a look at The Division’s Incursions update trailer in the video above.

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