A brand new Kickstarter has launched today for a unique wearable called the XTH Sense, an open-source sensor which turns the human body into a creative tool, whether it’s to create music and art, or even as a controller for virtual reality.

Being dubbed as the world’s first biocreative instrument, the XTH Sense allows anyone to express themselves in a totally unique way using body movements to interact with almost anything. The XTH Sense monitors everything from blood flow, muscle movements, gestures, temperature, and much more to access the human body in nine dimensions.

The XTH Sense can capture seven types of signals from the human body, from the sound of muscles contracting, heart beats, blood flow, temperature, motion, orientation, and rotation, this is then sent wirelessly to the XTH Sense software and using an intelligent algorithm these movements are transformed into data which can be read by anything from Music DAW, Virtual Reality headsets, and artistic programs.

So how exactly does the XTH Sense work? The XTH Sense can be strapped to the users body which features incredibly sensitive microphone that measures various biological signals. It also has other sensors which can measure movement allowing the wearers entire biological signature and movement to be tracked which can then be used in real time for various different applications.

What’s more impressive is that the XTH Sense is lightweight, affordable, and fully open allowing developers to take schematics as well as the tracking software, and create their own unique controllers tailored to their applications.

Here’s one of many examples of the XTH Sense in action:


So how can you get one of these? Simple. XTH are looking to raise the money needed to develop the XTH Sense on Kickstarter with pledges starting from $89 in order to grab your own wearable. Though you better act fast as this is the price for early birds and they’re limited to only 100 units. The next early bird pledge is at $179 with 400 units.

Eventually the XTH Sense will launch for $249, so backing the Kickstarter would certainly save you a packet. Kickstarter shipping is set to begin in November this year if the campaign is successful.

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