7 Days to Die PS4 XOne Announcement #1

Developer The Fun Pimps’ 7 Days to Die isn’t technically out of Alpha yet, but that hasn’t stopped the team from broadening their horizons, as they and publisher Telltale Publishing (yes, that Telltale) have announced that the “survival horde crafting game” will be making its way onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 28th, with a physical version debuting in America on the same date and on July 1st in Europe.

7 Days to Die is a free-roaming survival game with a fully destructible smooth voxel world, either using the prefab world Navezgane or by procedurally generating one from scratch. Players explore the wilderness scavenging for items from a multitude of different potential locations and biomes, levelling up their character, building shelters, crafting a myriad of weapons and items, fighting the undead (including the zombie dogs that can bugger right off) and generally doing their best to survive as long as possible.

The console version of the game will come packed with a number of exclusive features, including “additional online multiplayer modes” whose details are to be released soon and perhaps most tantalisingly the addition of split-screen multiplayer.

7 Days to Die PS4 XOne Announcement #2

Telltale also announced that pre-ordering players will receive exclusive access to five character skins from Telltale’s The Walking Dead game series, including Lee Everett and Michonne.

Whilst I do wish that The Fun Pimps had waited until the game was at least in Beta before committing to developing a console version as well, 7 Days to Die does offer some rather well executed “player versus environment” survival gameplay and if they can pull off features like the splitscreen multiplayer to a good standard The Fun Pimps could very well carve themselves quite the niche on consoles.

7 Days to Die will be coming digitally to all regions on June 28th. The console versions of the game are available to pre-order from GAME, Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop.

The PC version of the game can be found on Steam.

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