Although AdBlock Plus offers a way for you to block all ads from the Internet, they’d actually rather you didn’t. In an effort to allow publishers to receive the ad revenue they deserve from frequent visitors, they’ve devised a plan to ensure that this can happen.

Rather than simply whitelisting a website from having its ads blocked, AdBlock Plus has teamed up with microtransaction specialist Flattr to offer a way for users to “tip” websites they frequent often.

The service, entitled Flattr Plus tracks your browsing activity and based on that it knows which sites you visit often. From there it’ll donate an amount based on how often you visit, with users deciding how much they want to pay the publisher or website owner. So if you think a site’s content deserves a few dollars a month, you pay a few dollars.

Flattr will require publishers to sign up for its service, and will also be taking a 10% cut of any tips received by that website.

Although it’s not solving a problem completely, it is a step forward in how AdBlock Plus is trying to clean the internet of intrusive ads yet allowing publishers to receive the revenue they deserve.

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