When you hear, read about, or take part in riots, the last thing you’d associate with it is the word “cute”, but some how Anarcute has managed to make it so and it’s coming to XBox One and PC this Summer.

Announced today by Anarteam, a team of French students, who have won a number of awards already for the game, Anarcute has players taking control of an adorable Kawaii riot as they ransack the town, gather more rioters, and cause chaos.

Check out the “Revolution” trailer above.

The reason for the riot isn’t unjust either, as the cute little rioters are standing up against oppressive forces of the corrupt Brainwash Patrol. Find yourself in various locations from Tokyo and Paris, where players can build a rampaging force big enough to rescue friends, solve puzzles, and much more.

Grow your mob, unlock new powers, throw objects, and take down buildings throughout the city in the most adorable little riot sim.

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