Following the news that Atlas Reactor would become a premium title and not free-to-play as originally thought, the simultaneous turn-based strategy game is set to launch on Steam as an Early Access title, and to celebrate the debut, will be free-to-play all weekend.

This free weekend is likely to entice more players than the previous open betas which required players having to install another game client in order to download the game, not only that it gives us a chance to see how the game is coming along and whether it’s worth diving in early.

The initial release of the game includes 16 heroes, or Freelancers as they’re called, with a total of three maps, and three modes of play. Much more is set to be added however during the Early Access phase.

“We’ve been polishing the core gameplay of Atlas Reactor for a long time now, and even in the early stage, very high-level, competitive PvP has developed in our Versus mode,” Trion said. “We’ve also introduced a Seasons system where players can experience a bit of the lore of the world in addition to earning additional character customization items, like Skins, Styles, and Taunts, just for playing the game and completing objectives.”

The free weeked will give players access to the full game including all the game’s Freelancers. It’ll also be the debut of the game’s Custom Game Spectator Mode, which allows players to join in and watch the game from above, or from another players’ perspective.

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