It looks as if a brand new Dragon Ball Z game is in the works as Bandai Namco has released a teaser site for the currently unannounced game that’s set to be revealed later today.

The announcement is set to arrive at 3PM UK time.

The website, “FlyThroughTime.com”, has a countdown timer and a number of images from the long-running series. It looks like it may be a game which spans the entire timeframe of the Dragon Ball Universe from when Kid Goku was in search of the Dragon Balls for the first time and meeds Bulma and Yamcha, all the way up until the latest series, Dragon Ball Super.

Seeing as Dragon Ball Xenoverse offered a lot of time travelling antics, chances are this could be a sequel to the last game, which would be a first for a Dragon Ball game.

2016 marks the 30th anniversary for the Dragon Ball animation, so it’d be great to see a game which spans the entire journey from the start to finish.

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