Jagex Game Studios has today announced that the countdown has officially begun until the full launch of their collectible card game, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends!

Bringing a completely new way to play, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends has players don’t choose which cards they battle with, but which cards they battle against! Crazy, right? I KNOW!

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends launches on May 26, but until then players can still dive into the game’s open beta to get to grips with the game’s unique strategy and combat. If they do, they’ll also earn themselves three free card packs to bolster their collection. This offer will end however, on Sunday May 15, so you better hurry.

Since the game launched into open beta six weeks ago, a ton of new cards based on Old School RuneScape have been released into the game, and later this year a new Legend, Morvan the Slayer Master, will make his way into the game, bringing with him a completely new strategy.

“It’s just two weeks until we officially throw open the doors to Chronicle’s Hall of Legends on 26th May, and its launch on Steam is only the beginning for what we have planned. We’ve already introduced brand new cards every week, increased rewards, balancing improvements, and there’s even more content planned for the months to come,” said James Sweatman, lead designer, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. “We’d like to thank the many tens of thousands of cunning card tacticians who have helped us in open beta with feedback to refine the Chronicle’s unique CCG gameplay mechanics. For our existing open beta players, and anyone who signs up over the weekend, we’re offering up three free card packs so they can build their decks ready to take on new rivals at launch.”

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends launches on May 26 on Steam.

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