Have you ever wanted to read some of the biggest Avengers comics in clip-note form? Well Avengers K is for you. Marvel’s latest attempt to sell its capes and masks to Asia before Fox or Sony can.

What is Avengers K? It’s a graphic novel collecting the works of a South Korean Manhwa publisher which re-tells some of the biggest Avengers stories aimed at the Korean market.

This book collection focuses on Ultron. Its source of inspiration? Well, you’ve got all the cheesy 70s storytelling fused with an art style which is coloured, but looks quite similar to manga or anime, and takes its visual cues from the Avengers films.

I love these kind of cultural mash-ups seeing how a different culture interprets another cultures piece of work. Like, I think a Japanese version of Die Hard in a Power Rangers style would be amazing.

So yeah, the art is pretty great here. The colour palette is bright and exciting and all the Avengers and Ultron are drawn with passion and with their own unique style.

Though like any Manga Reader will tell you, the flaws come in the translation. Mostly, the cheesy dated dialogue of these old stories works pretty well, since it’s very scripted and clunky to begin with. This however falls flat on its face with you come across a couple of speech bubbles where the real meaning has been totally lost and is filled with empty words like ‘Hey Cap, I’ll open the door!’

The only flaw in the storytelling comes from the rushed and often shallow re-telling of this story. Most of the character driven stuff is ejected throughout Avengers K which does mean you’ll get loads of action but little else to keep the story going.

Also, the Hulk and Black Widow are billed on the front of the book and they have little or no panel time, a sneaky move by the marketing team.

Overall, the book is good. A bit expensive, but then again it is a translation. Now that Marvel has gotten Spider-man back, I’d like to see a Spider-man one at some point or maybe them tackling Civil War.

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