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Steamforged Games Kickstarter campaign for the official Dark Souls Board Game has surpassed £2 million. To celebrate, a new set of characters has been released ahead of time.

Over 21,000 backers have put money forward to make the Dark Souls boardgame a reality and there’s still seven days to go. The board game has managed to smash a number of stretch goals and have unlocked a number of additions to the game from new bosses to new set pieces which will make the game even more expansive and immersive.

“£2,000,000 has now been reached!” stated Steamforged Games. “What an incredible achievement – this Kickstarter is set to break records if it continues at the pace it has.”

To celebrate, the creators have released two new characters which have been frequently requested, though you’ll need to top up your pledge in order to grab them.

“Since the start of this campaign people have been asking about a certain pair of models that have a big following within the community – Sif and Artorias. We had originally planned to release this set after the Kickstarter project but due to demand we have decided to pull them forward and can now offer the Darkroot Basin Expansion Set as a purchasable Add-On to celebrate the incredible £2,000,000 we have reached together!”

Since then, three more characters have been introduced to the game which will be unlocked when the campaign surpasses £2.6 million. These are the Armourer Dennis mini-boss, Marvellous Chester mini-boss, and the Fencer Sharon mini-boss. These will all come for free to those who have backed the campaign.

A number of additional expansion have also been created for the game which backers can add onto their original pledge. Each expansion costs an additional £28.

There’s definitely a lot to take in now the campaign has hit over £2.3 million so I’d advise having a good root through all of the updates to find out which expansions you’d like to grab when the game finally launches.

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