One of the most requested features of Trion Worlds open-world sci-fi RPG was the ability to buy and sell items to other players, and now that feature has finally landed on the MMO with the name, The Exchange.

The Exchange is the biggest update to the game’s marketplace since launch allowing for players to easily search, sort, and filtering functions, players can buy items they need and sell items they don’t want with each other.

Patron Defiance players will automatically receive four exchange slots with a maximum of six additional purchases, as for non-Partrons, they’ll be able to purchase exchange sell slots from the Defiance store for bits.

Once a player sells or purchases an item, they can collect the items and proceeds from The Exchange interface in the My Orders or My Items sections. All of these options will be available conveniently in their EGO interface.

According to the story, the new frontier’s richest character Varus Soleptor is responsible for The Exchange, and for each sale, a 10% transaction fee for his  troubles is deducted from your proceeds. What’s more, in order to post an item on The Exchange, a scrip fee is required up front depending on listing duration, rarity, and asking price.

So there you have it, if you’re stuffed full of unwanted items, you can now at least make a bit of cash for it, or alternatively purchase something you’ve always wanted.

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