Despite Microsoft closing Lionhead Studios and cancelling development on Fable Legends, it looks as if the Fable series isn’t dead just yet as ex-Lionhead devs have turned to Kickstarter to fund development on a collectable card game.

Apparently, Lionhead Studios had a free-to-play Fable card game in the works for the past 18 months, and now it’s been unveiled to the world, with Microsoft’s blessing, of course. The game, titled Fable Fortune, has launched on Kickstarter under a new development studio, Flaming Fowl Studios, which is comprised of ex-Lionhead developers.

Joining the already crowded TCG market, Fable Fortune has many similarities to Hearthstone, with 8 different heroes to choose from when building a deck, with both cards and heroes themselves featuring familiar faces from the Fable franchise.

Where the game differs is in its design, because rather than having cards slap down on a battlefield, cards will appear on 3D pedestals featuring a bust of the character. It’ll also feature an online co-op mode where players team up to take on AI bosses who have their own themed decks.


There’s also a levelling system for cards which means that as well as unlocking cards from card packs, you must play and level up the cards to make the most of each one. In addition, mid-game events and quests will allow players to make choices that could result in the game changing completely, altering the player’s hero, powers, or even cards themselves.


Despite the similarities to popular TCGs out there, the game offers a number of interesting and unique features that could make it stand out from the crowd. That is if the game gets funded.

Fable Fortune will be seeking £250,000 on Kickstarter to make the game happen, the campaign is set to launch later today at 3PM UK time. An open beta for the game is also planned, which is set to come to Xbox One and PC in October.

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