Although mods in Fallout 4 have been available on PC for a few weeks now, we’re all waiting on tenterhooks for the launch of mods on consoles, and now it looks like we’ve got a rough date when we’ll be able to try these out.

According to Bethesda, Xbox One players will have a chance to check out these mods after the next expansion, Far Harbor, launches. A closed beta for Xbox One players will happen after May 19, with a release on PlayStation 4 following in June.

Mods, using the Creation Kit on PC have also surpassed the one million download mark, which is pretty fantastic too. The PC modding community have come up with some cracking mods such as ones that bring content from other games, but don’t expect the console mods to have such freedom as they’ll likely offer content which doesn’t break copyright.

Either way, you only have around 10 days to wait until mods will come your way on Xbox One.

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