Will it be strike three for Warner Brothers with the Suicide Squad? Let’s face it, Man of Steel was a bit of a swing and a miss and Batman vs. Superman joined the same list, and logic would sadly dictate that the Suicide Squad will be too.

I mean Jared Leto’s Joker just seems to be trying too hard, and it just seems so tagged on to ensure that people will buy a ticket to go and see it. Though honestly guys, I’d have rather seen the whole creative behind Suicide Squad (and a couple of the actors involved) work on a Young Justice movie.

For those that are fans of the TV show, sadly on this occasion, I’m talking about the late 90s comic. The comic and the TV show are two very different kettles of Aqualads.

The TV show is serious and borrowed a lot from the Bruce Timm era of DC animation and the teens in the show are mature for their age and act fairly sensible, most of the time.

The comic however is whacky and the teens act like teenagers. The original team started with Robin, Superboy and Impulse, but they added Wondergirl and a girl called Secret. The comic is hilarious, well for a comic that is. You’ve got the sensible guy Robin trying to keep ladies man Superboy in line as well as having to deal with Impulse.

I kind of have a theory about Impulse. I either think the writers’ intention with Impulse was to depict the stereotypical 90s kid. A kid with his head in the clouds who pays attention to his game consoles and the TV, and that’s pretty much it and it explains why he rushes around and he’s purely naive.

On the other hand the writers knew someone close to them who was Autistic and saw how they may struggle with certain day to day tasks but is totally brilliant at other things.

Their mentor was Red Tornado, so if you fancy a last minute change, Will Smith could take that roll and I’ll leave the quick casting up to them.

I think the trashy whacky theme of Suicide Squad would work so well for a Young Justice film, if you don’t believe me, check it out on Comixology, it’s kind of underrated.

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