For as long as I can remember, any images uploaded to reddit were usually done through IMGUR, an easy to use free image hosting service. But this week, all that is about to change.

reddit has announced a brand new image uploading feature which launches this week to a solid handful of subreddits with a full release planned in the future. This will make using reddit simpler and faster to use and would likely encourage new users to use the site rather than lurking.

Product team member at reddit, Andy, announced the future saying “For a long time, other image hosting services have been an integral part of how content is shared on Reddit — we’re grateful to those teams, but are looking forward to bringing you a more seamless experience with this new feature.”

The feature will allow users to upload images up to 20MB with GIFs up to 100MB, which is a little less than IMGUR who allows 200MB GIFs, it’ll also apply its standard content policy, disallowing pictrures that are illegal, involuntary pornography, encourage or incite violence, threats or harassment, expose personal information, impersonate people, or are spam.

In response to the news, IMGUR wrote:

“Reddit is excited to begin rolling out a more seamless content uploading experience for users with in-house image hosting.

For many years, Imgur has been an integral part of Reddit — we are grateful to them for enabling our users to share the things they love and have a richer content experience. At this time, the Reddit community can still choose to use Imgur or other sites for image hosting.”

Of course, IMGUR won’t really be hurt by this as the site itself has become a network almost similar to reddit with its own community of users. Though if the native reddit uploading does become favoured, traffic may ease off somewhat. Though we all know the Internet doesn’t like change.

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