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It’s a debate which still goes on until today. Many talented artists and budding writers and geek experts have debated who would win in a fight between Goku and Superman. But I’ve just been wondering who would be a more suitable opponent for Goku?

If you think about it, Goku is very similar to Superman, they are both aliens who’ve embraced the positives role model worthy ideals of society. They both have similar powers as well, so it would make sense for the conversation about who would win in a fight to keep going.

Just like the debate of who would win a race, The Flash or Superman. A race that does take place in the comics, but the two have to put their competition aside to be the darn best superheroes that they are.

But I keep thinking. It doesn’t make sense for Goku and Superman to try and beat each other… They’re both on the same side. But who could we talk about? Well, what about Goku vs. Doomsday?

Why did I say Doomsday? Well, first we have to take a look at who Doomsday is. Imagine the Hulk, whose only purpose in life is to keep fighting and has plot armour so thick pretty much nothing can kill him?

Doomsday was featured in the first comic trade paper pack I finished reading. Though, just for a second think about it.

Doomsday is designed to just keep fighting and fighting and fighting. Goku just keeps fighting and fighting and fighting. In the Death of Superman arc which introduced Doomsday just so he could ‘kill’ the Man of Steel, they scrapped the whole way across America. Goku and Doomsday could scrap across a galaxy and you could easily produce a 700 chapter manga on that…

I mean surely if Goku had turned up at the end of Batman vs. Superman when Doomsday appeared, that’d have been pretty epic right?

Wouldn’t it be fun if we got to that stage in cinema though? When Naruto turns up in The Raid? Or the Power Rangers Mystic Force turned up in one of the Harry Potter spin-off movies?

I can keep dreaming, right?

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