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The idea of Early Access is making its way to mobile as Google Play are set to launch their own Early Access category which will contain in-development and beta Android Apps which people can help test before full launch.

Before this announcement, in order to get onto into betas for Android Apps you were required to sign up to a Google Group in order to opt in, to which you were then added to the beta branch of that particular app.

Now however, you’ll start seeing beta and in-development apps with a new label right in the Google Play Store, “Early Access”. These will allow users to find app betas from Google Play as well as opt-in without going through the rigmarole of signing up to a group. Users will also be able to send feedback through these Play Store listings too, which is much more convenient.

In addition to supporting developers who just want to get their apps out there, Google is going to also be adding a new section onto the store called Google Play Early Access which showcases hand-picked groups of promising open betas.

An early look of the new listings has also been revealed, you can see that below:



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