After initially delaying what could be considered one of the more key features of the new Hitman game, Square Enix has today revealed that the Elusive Targets are now coming, and a lot sooner than we thought.

Launching tomorrow, the game’s first Elusive Target is coming to the game, and is part of the live content being pushed for Hitman in-between episodes to keep players coming to the game. These are specially crafted, unique targets, which come with a unique set of rules.

First thing’s first, the Elusive Targets are a once in a lifetime experience, once they’re taken out, they’re gone forever, the same applies for when you mess up and the target gets away. Not only that, they are available for a limited time only in game – this first Elusive Target will last 48 hours

To make things even more challenging, the intel you receive on the target will be limited too, so you’ll have to put together the pieces to find out who the target is. If that wasn’t difficult enough, they won’t show up in Instinct Mode, nor will they appear on the mini-map.

Players are being asked to plan accordingly before engaging their target, and once they’re dead, they’re dead forever. If however you die and fail the mission, that’s it.

Probably the most interesting part is that Elusive Targets, from today, won’t be announced in advance, they require players to regularly check-into the game’s social media channels to see if a new target has been acquired.

So be sure to check out the first Elusive Target when it launches tomorrow.

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