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Let’s get ahead of the Star Trek mania which is going to land this year. For many, the third instalment of this new Star Trek universe is kind of pivotal for many reasons, which I’m happy to explain.

You see, Star Trek: Into Darkness is probably going to be remembered as one of those films that people initially liked but retroactively turned against. Much like I did and how so many people did against this film. This has cast even more doubt about this rebooted slicker and ‘cooler’ movie universe which jettisons almost 50 years of worth of continuity that had been previously introduced.

So with Star Trek: Beyond being the third movie in this series, this is likely to decide where this franchise is going to go. Will this be the last adventure for this crew of the Enterprise? Has the cast had enough and will Paramount think doing the Next Generation next is a good idea?

One thing I think that annoys some hardcore Star Trek fans is how Enterprise is still canon in this rebooted universe. What is Enterprise to the non-Trekkies? Well, it’s the poorly received prequel to the original series that contradicts the glorious vision of how Starfleet first stepped out into the galaxy and it all fell into line. Shockingly, it didn’t happen like that.

What apparently happened is that Starfleet turned up late to the party and stumbled across the already established flow of said party and was the sore thumb of the event.

But honestly guys, I’d like to see IDW to at least try doing a miniseries based on these shaky beginnings, it’s kind of interesting. I mean a small scrappy starship wandering around the galaxy lost and confused as they’re forced to aggressively change because a whole galaxy of races that are way more advanced than them.

I mean, it looks like it was touched on slightly by IDW’s most recent miniseries Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, as a group of cadets must solve the mystery of an old starship. I mean it could the subject of a Kickstarter short film at least? It could work I reckon.

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