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If anyone ever argues the fact that parts of the gaming community is toxic, just remind them of moments such as this…

Last week, No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games confirmed the rumours that the space exploration game would be delayed a few weeks. Usually this would be met with disappointment which usually turns into relief when the game eventually launches and it’s better for it.

However, there’s a small number of assholes on the Internet who think that news like this is the end of the world, like their life has come to a crushing end, and that nothing could ever be right again. It’s these people that cast a dark cloud over a community that often comes together to enjoy a common hobby.

Following the news of the delay of No Man’s Sky, the developer of the game received a number of tweets filled with hate, death threats, and other unsavoury things.

Fortunately, Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, and the owner of the @NoMansSky Twitter account took them in his stride and found humour in the tweets:

It’s such a shame that when something such as this happens in the gaming world it brings these horrible people out from the woodwork, especially when delays are usually good for the game overall. They’d be the first to send crappy tweets out into the world if the game was a pile of buggy crap, so really, developers just can’t win.

Just remember people, for the most part the gaming community is a great place to be, there is however a number of privileged members who, for some unknown reason, believe game developers owe them something.

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