Instagram is a pretty popular social network, so much so that various brands have Instagram profiles, but right now, other than keeping an eye on likes and comments, there’s no real way for businesses and brands to see how well their content is performing. Fortunately Instagram is about to solve that problem.

Instagram is set to launch a series of new tools for businesses and brands using the photo sharing platform, including business profiles with contact buttons, access to maps and directions, as well as analytics tools so brands can see how posts are performing. There’s also going to be a new mobile ad-buying experience.

And, thanks to a leak from one of the platforms early testers, we now get to see what this toolkit will look like.


Originally posted by’s blog, you can see below how these tools will look, though it’s worth noting that the screenshots were taken just before the Instagram rebrand which changed the colour scheme of the app.

The analytics will show various insights, focusing on two main sections, follower demographics, and post analytics. The follower insights show various metrics from location, age, and gender. On the post analytics side, that’ll likely show how well posts perform based on likes, impressions, and much more, which is perfect for those wondering how the algorithm change has effected their content.



Right now we’re unsure exactly when the analytics tool will be rolled out, though seeing as the shots were taken before the colour change suggests that some users have been testing the tools out for some time, so perhaps a launch is imminent?


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