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Kickstarter has been a fantastic platform for many people to have their ideas made into reality thanks to the every day user pledging money to aid production, but how much of that money has helped UK campaigns? Well according to some new statistics, Kickstarter has raised over £25 million for game campaigns alone.

The UK arm of one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter, has revealed that over £100 million has been raised for projects since the site launched in 2012. This number is the cumulative total ov more than 1.8 million pledges made by over 1.2 million backers in the last four years.

Of those backers, the average pledge was £53.80 with the most common amount pledged was around the £10 mark. Breaking those numbers down even further, Kickstarter UK revealed that over 20,000 campaigns have been started, with a little over 8,000 of them meeting or exceeding their targets.

However, that does leave 12,000 campaigns receiving little to no attention and ultimately failing, something that’t not an unusual figure for Kickstarter campaigns.

Of those campaigns gaming was the most popular category, which managed to generate more than £26 million in funds from over 600,000 pledges. According to Kickstarter UK, the recent launch and completion of the Dark Souls: The Board Game campaign was responsible for pushing the total over £100 million.

“From our very first project that launched in the UK, British creators and backers have been a huge part of our global community; backing projects all over the world, championing creativity and helping to build a more diverse culture,” said Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler.

Of those campaigns it seems the UK are in full support of UK creators, with 742,317 backers coming from the UK, the US was second with 494,737 backers, and Germany is third with 77,546.

Kickstarter has been a fantastic way of helping smaller developers create the games of their dreams, however not everything has been peachy, with a number of campaigns which seemed successful, eventually falling flat and failing on their promises. Though this is present throughout Kickstarter campaigns across the world, not just the UK.

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