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A handful of leaked information including gameplay details and artwork were posted onto reddit last night which may give us some insight to whats in store when Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 launches later this year.

The post on reddit last night have revealed a number of new mechanics which could be coming to the game including a new grappling hook which has a number of uses, such as “getting into your Titan, aiding free-running, or tactical plays such as pulling enemies while they’re midair”.

Artwork was also posted to the game, which is a much larger version of an image that’s partially visible on the Titanfall website. That artwork, while not overly remarkable, does show a titan also wall running, a mechanic previously reserved for Pilots.

titanfall 2 leak

The post also reveals that the game will include larger areas than what was available in Titanfall 1, which makes sense considering this time around it won’t be coming to last-gen consoles.


Finally, the post also states that Titanfall 2 will be releasing this October, meaning that it’ll launch within the same month as Battlefield 1, though EA has previously stated that they’re not concerned about the two shooters launching in the same window because the shooter genre is so big.

None of this information has been confirmed by EA or Respawn Entertainment, but with E3 just a few weeks away, we’ll soon know for sure if the leaks are indeed true.

The post has since been removed.

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